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Insights and training at Marmomac
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Marmomac brings its vocation for business, culture, and training up to date with an impressive program of initiatives targeting professionals, architects, and designers, alongside international professional training.

The Plus Theatre program includes accredited talks involving professional associations of architects in Italy, the United Kingdom (RIBA), and the United States (AIA), as well as awards and insights focusing on technology, trends, sustainability, and markets. In addition, Marmo+Tech is back – the stage for sharing information and comparisons where machinery and tooling companies present technical innovations at the service of stone processing firms. All the more, Marmo+Press also makes its debut with a program of conferences organized by international technical publications.

The 56th Marmomac, in addition to the events scheduled at The Plus Theatre open to all visitors, will host an essential opportunity for architects attending the trade fair: the chance to take part in the “Stone & Design” program of training sessions – three days of meetings during the show focusing on topics ranging from design aspects to others more closely related to technology and processing in the natural stone sector, usually reserved for the activities of 50 international delegations of architects and designers invited to Verona. As evidenced by recent research Marmomac commissioned into the perception of marble by Italians, knowledge about applications using this material is still relative – and its potential and limitations are largely unknown even by many professionals. And certain beliefs claiming that marble is a problematic material in terms of applications, maintenance, and aesthetics have to be dispelled.

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September 8, 2022 2:22 pm