Tips for a Better Ad


Very important: Regularly UPDATE your current list

Presenting your Product or Service for sale in the best of conditions can make the difference between a quick sale and a long on-market time. Below are a few tips you may find worthwhile considering to produce a better  Product or Service Ad and to get better value for your advertising.
Offer only Product or Service that you control or only owned machines. Don’t lose customer time.
Regularly remove sold Products and add fresh offers.

Reply to advertisement inquiries

Reply your Product or Service advertisement inquiries as promptly as you can. This will communicate that you are serious about the sale of your Products and Services. Buying a  Product or Service involves a considerable amount of money and a buyer likes to be reassured that you can be trusted. Your first impression will set the tone.

Photos of your  Product or Service.

Photograph your  Product or Service in good light conditions as this will produce the best results. Zoom in on details that are outstanding features of your  Products. If using photo processing software, photos can be enhanced before upload.

At least one image is required for each Advertise.
Each image must be of the Product or Service – it can be a similar image (example)

You should use images that:

Are easy to understand and show the whole Product or Service.
Have a resolution of 800 x 600 or higher
Are in the square format
Show the Product 4 sides and up close
Capture the Product in real situations

When you set up your Product ad, Fullmarble online photo processing function will resize your photo(s) to the display size for the website – 800 x 600 px. The photo(s) for upload must be of .jpg extension. Use your photo processing software to change to this file format if necessary. A file size of approx. 200kb will generally produce a good quality photo and ensure fast upload for your  Product advertisement. Be aware that unless you have a high-speed Internet connection, a data-heavy image may take a while to upload and is prone to transmission disruption, resulting in a broken image being uploaded.
Add video if possible. This will help to sell the machine. 

Describing your Product or Service.

When selling a  Product or Service, the description box should present a general overview of your item.
Include a price – Some people believe that asking buyers to “Request for Price” will increase response and allow them an opportunity to personally sell their machines. This is not true. In fact, online buyers will usually bypass a Product with no price in favor of a dealer who includes a price.

Your contact details

Take care that your details are correct, proofread for errors when your  Product or Service  Ad is online and correct any typos and spelling mistakes. Remember, you can access your  Product or Service Advertising as often as you like to make changes. Make it easy for the enquirer to contact you. Your email address will be used for the inquiry from the website, and in addition, you may want to give a telephone number. You can edit your contact details fro Admin > Company Settings

Adding Machine in our Weekly Newsletter

Add attractive Products or Services to our Newsletter. This will increase the traffic to your Products and to your selling list and will advertise your company. We send our newsletter to dealers and companies around the world every week. Maybe products from Indonesia or dealer from Germany need your Product or Services right now? Don’t hesitate to add your Product or Services to Newsletter! This will only Help!

Be aware of fraud when selling your Products.

Unfortunately, the Internet attracts its share of deceit and fraud. If an offer sounds too good to be true, or the circumstances seem in any way suspicious, it pays to be extra careful. Keep asking questions until you are satisfied that you are dealing with a genuine buyer. Don’t be shy about wanted guarantees that you are not being cheated when it comes to the point of sale and money changing hand for the goods.

Beware of scam emails – please use common sense and caution.


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